It's time to see
What's on T.V.
No where better to be
So sit here by me
In front of the screen
Amazing sights to be seen
Eye get glazed
Brain gets dazed
As we gaze
For days.
Something to view
While we shring our IQ
And give you
This review

Science naturally is filled with intregue, mystery, suspence, and twist endings, so naturally science makes for one of the best dramas around. 11th hour takes this with crimes with a scientific bent on them. Dr. Jacob Hood, FBI Special Agent Rachel Young, and later FBI Special Agent Felix Lee inestigate crimes dealing with human cloning, genetic engineering, stolen diseaeses, and the like. The good doctor is brilliant but has little sence in self preservation which is where his latest handler Ms Young comes in. Basically its her job to scientistsit him! Hah! It does have some flavor of "The X-Files" without the aliens, and paranormal stuff going on. Saddly it only lasted 18 epiodes and ran opposite of "Fringe." There was an unsuccesful campaign to get it back. If you like science, and if not why are you here?, then go check it out on DVD.