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Robots. Sure they are everywhere, taking our jobs, raising up against humanity, and in general making all of our lifes a little easier. We all know about what they are, what they do, and where they are headed, but what of their past? Their journy from their beginnings to their place as our metal overlords? Well now you can see this increable history here at Cybernetic Zoo! It has over 100 pages and growing with each page containg several robots each. Pictures, videos, pdfs, general info, and even emails from the creator can be found there! Robots from 480 BC to the 2011 AD! Seriously folks you will not find a richer, more informational, insperational source as this. Humanoids, animaloids, arms, steampowered, clockpowered, movie robots, hobby robots! Be sure to chech all of them out! They've come a long way baby!