Welcome to robot review where Tachi reviews various robots and gives them a logic 1 or 0. First just what is a robot? Well let us take a look.

A robot:
0. has a physical pressence.
1. is a machine
2. has artificial orgins(ultimatly)
3. has no biological components
4. can change its relationship to its environment(Move through it or move it)
5. possesses actuation systems for movement
6. possesses sensor systems for detection of its environment and/or itself
7. possesses a control system that receives information from its sensor system and/or itself and based on it generates outputs sent to its actuators and/or itself
8. Can operate autonomously

In other words no cyborgs, clones, bioroids, repetitive devices, mechs, sentient computers, AI programs, or teleoprated devices. Next while there are several types of robots, and various ways to classify them, they can be put into these very basic areas.

Sessile: The robot lacks any means to move itself on its own accord from its present location. The robot may even be secured to its location. Some smart houses could be considered this(Home Wrecker). Note if robot runs on integrated tracks/rails, they are considered to be functionally a part of that robot. Many factory robots are of this type. Power, sensors, controller and actuator systems may not be integrated in one functional location, and can even be distributed across buildings.

Tethered: Robot is not immobile but it is limited to an area based on the fact its power and/or control system is external and requires physical links to them. Many experimental robots are this type. It is rather inconvenient to have to wait in between chargings, or hot battery swaps to further develop the robot so it is externally powered. For development purposes it may also be convenient to have the control system be external and easy to access. Another reason for this is it may use some type of statically unstable system of motion and until it is perfected, it is kept in a harness so it does not fall over.

Ranged: Robot is not physically tied to its environment but has a range or area which it can function, and beyond that range, it can not. It may have an external control system with a wireless link. Beyond this range the robot will be lobotomized. It may require markers for navigation, to indicate regions that are not to be entered, or to identify features in its environment. It may require a special charger to keep it supplied with energy. If it goes to a point beyond that which it no longer has power to return to this charger it is stranded without help. How big this range can be a single room, to even a city.

Rover: This robot lacks the requirements of a ranged robot. Its power typically come from solar, extra long life energy cell, or it may use commonly non-robotic specific sources such as standard outlets, fuel for cells, some even(squick) are being devised that can eat. For navigating they may use gps, or use their own mapping software and their environment'ss own features. They typically have sophisticated sensors such as cameras, laser scanners, and radar and must deal with more complicated environments. They also have their own control system on board, as they may well be either to far for a real time data link(such as another planet), or in an environment that makes such a link difficult or impossible(underwater).

J5: This type could be considered as human(squick) equivalent in at least its basic capabilities. Has at minimum two articulated arms, dexterous end effectors, sophisticated sensor systems, and control system. At most its resemblance to a human is waist up. Waist down they do not posses a bipedal locomotion system. The S.A.I.N.T.S. are a good example of these.

Mechanoid: Basic human shape, dual legs, usually dual arms(rarely more). This robots machine nature is very apparent. Often used in human style environments. CP30 is a good example of this. Futurama robots also count.

Synthenoid: This robot is made internationally to resemble a human(big squick). They have realistic skin, they may appear to breath, blink, have pulse. So many anime robots, and Data are examples.

Roboblock: Modules that each contain power,control,sensor, and actuators that connect to each other in various configurations. Replicators, Cubix are these type.

Mechamal: Like the mechanoid but made to look resemble a mechanical animal(Zoids).

Synthemal: Realistically animal looking(Chomps).

Mechaflora: Mechanical plant. Quite rare. examples include Bush Bots and Cybug Sunflowers.

Syntheplant: Looks like a real living plant.

Now that is all out of the way, it is now time to rate robots based on well designed features and not bowing to the wrong side of the uncanny Vally. Those deemed to be a good robot will be given a logic 1. Those determined to be a bad robot will be given a logical 0.

This month we review Ulysses.

From the nuklear wastlands that is the 80's come this horrible waste of space movie. It's about a scientist who creates a robot to be used in deep space exploration. He does this due to the length of time a human would be without...human contact. Good move. The highly unstable state of the human brain, copuled with the addtional unesarry life support, and radiotin shielding, required, as well as the very dull human senses would make something as inferior as man a lousy choice. For some reason he makes his robot, Ulysses, humanoid, a poor shape indeed for exploring the cosmos. He also makes it into a replica of the human form. How much of it is replicated? Enough to fool humans into thinking it is one of them, as well as to interface with females. Yes that is right. It can interface with females. Finally Ulysses is built in the image of it's creator Dr. Jeff Peters. How original. If you think this equation produces a high probability of mistaken identity, you are correct. Ironically Dr. Jeff Peters makes for a better robot, and that is plot important. To promote the project a reporter, Miss Frankie Stone is brought in, who is laso given the task of making Ulysses more human as part of pr. As I am not about to give the whole movie to you. Go watch it...actually don't, I will sum it up for you. It works, resulting in Miss Frankie Stone and Ulysses falling in love with each other and Dr. Jeff Peters trades places with Ulysses and is launched himeslef into space, achiving his desires to explore deep space and not deal with humanity. Too bad he was born of flushe and not assembled in steel. So is Ulysses a robot?

0. One that can phyisically interface with female humans(squick).
1. As can be seen in the scenes where He is dissasembled.
2. Is created by Dr. Jeff Peters.
3. Hard to say, given how the ship ment to house Uylsses can suport a human for years, why would they add such things to a robot that needs no air, as well as the nutrient goo that the Dr. is using to fuel his systems.
4. Can move within its environment as well as move things within it.
5. Enough to produce the movements of a human.
6. Vision, hearing, touch.
7. One with preloaed ai, capable of learning, and expeirencing emotions. Maybe even two as it can operate without its head.
8. Given that it was ment to be sent in deep space, where controlling remotely would be difficult, yes.
Uylsses proablly is a robot but what kind?

As it is a perfect replica externally to it's creator Uylsses is a synthenoid
But is Ulysses a good robot?

A logic 1 for having a good robot name. Ulysses traveled far and wide as a robot in deepsapce should. Ulysses as lost his way due to his own mistakes. Also appropriate.
A logic 1 for good robot personality. At first.
A logic 0 for loosing a good robot personality.
A logic 1 for dextrouse hands.
A logic 0 for being gendered.
A logic 1 for multiple manipulators.
A logic 1 for stereo vision.
A logic 1 for being a main character.
A logic 0 for being in a terrible movie.
A logic 1 for not being evil.
A logic 0 for reciving human on robot violence.
A logic 0 for being disassembled.
A logic 1 for not being destroyed.
A logic 0 for having construction that makes no sense.
A logic 0 for having "relations" with humans.
A logic 0 for beeing needlessly human looking.
A logic 1 for all terrein motion.
A logic 0 for emotions.
A logic 1 for emotions.
A logic 0 for falling in love.
A logic 0 for faulty logic.
A logic 0 for having for having unnessary parts. A logic 0 for associating with humans.
Tallying up the score
Logic 1s=9
Logic 0s=13
Logic Overall=4 0s
Ulysses gets a logic 0.
Ulysses is a bad bad BAD robot

This concludes Tachi's Robot Review.