One is an indvidual
One always confirms
One is very open
One has a closed policy as a norm
One is playful
One is dull
One runs the world
One has an influance that is null
One is gives you the most bang for your buck
One costs you all even the shirt on your back
One's name is PC
One's name is Mac!

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I' you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: Wow so many letters to respond to.

Mac: I'm writing to alot of people to.

PC: I can see that. It looks like you are finally getting som fan mail.

Mac: Oh this is'nt fan mail, I'm writing to apology letters to China.

PC: well it's about time, I'm glad to see you are finally cleaning up your image and starting to take responsability for how you treated all of those factory workers.

Mac: what those loosers? who cares about them. No these are to my customers.

PC: Oh then um who are you apologizing for?

Mac: For seeming to be arrogant, not caring or not attaching importance to consumer feedback.

PC: Well that is a start, it's good that you are changing these things.

Mac: Oh I'm not changing anything.

PC: Than what are you doing?

Mac: I'm apologizing, not changing.

PC: I see well better then nothing I guess.