We look at tunes
To make you swoon
Or leave the room.
Will it bring doom
And a sense of gloom
Like a mummy's tomb
When it looms.
Or will it be a boon
To it youll zoom
And with it croon
Lets find out soon!

Add the latest in technology to the most primal creative forces of homo sapians with a bit of blue and enough pipes to make a plumber faint and what do you get? Why The Blue Man Group! These guys are freak'n amazing! Are they the next step in human evolution? Aliens? Demons? Creations of the collective uncoscious of a society whose creative forces are ever more repressed in our increasingly mordern society manifested by their primal unexpressed urges? Well whatever or whoever they are I love their music, it makes my nuerons fire in sequence to their beats. Every cell in my existence starts to jump. Its time to move!