Does this game
Have claim
To fame,
Or shame,
To its name?
Is it a pain,
Is it tame,
Totally insane?
Would you play again,
Or find it a bane?
Is it the same,
Totally lame,
Go against the grain?
Heres our procliam.

Ever ordered all you could eat at a reasturent only to run out of food and left wanting to eat the plate, the table, the reastarunt? Not since Pac-Man has there been a game dedicated to so much gluttony! I am talking about of course Tasty Planet, where everything and anything is edible. You start as a bit of microscopic grey goo created by scientists as the newest weapon against grime. As you eat, you grow. The more you eat the more you grow. The more you grow the more you eat. Eat anything smaller then you. Avoid things bigger then you till you are big enough to eat them. That is pretty much it, but it is so fun! You can play as casual, as timed, or as endurance. As you play through these you unlock features that help you in your quest to eat all in existence or just to make your grey goo cool. Eventually you will grow large enough to take on the universe! Its food fun! Tasty Planet!