Now its time for...


Whether it's carried by electrons or a snail
It never ever fails
To make us scream and wail
When ever we get mail!

3/5 Commercial Rd,
Durban 4001,South Africa.

Dear Friend,

I got your contact today,with hope you are reliable and trustworthy.

Am the head of the contract award committee and 14 project allocation manager, of the Department of Minerals and Natural Resources in Durban-Southafrica.
I need your assistance to bank (USD10.5M) and subsequent investment it on properties in your country urgently. You will be required to.

(1) Assist in the banking safely of the said funds
(2) Advise on lucrative areas for investment
(3) Assist in purchase of properties.

If you can render your assistance in this business proposal, 20% of the total investment sum will be for you as your commission. It will be done under a legitimate process so that we will not breach any international or local laws governing the same. Making it a 100% risk free. For the security reasons i will advise you to email me using my private email:

I wait in anticipation of your reply and co-operation.

Best Regards,

Solomon Zuma.
Private Box:

Dear Solomon,

While I am flatteded and honored that you had considred me please note given that Geek'N Up The Night is often one bad desicion or event away from failing, I suggest I am not the one to help you. Good luck!

IJ Dee-Vo

Dear Friend,

I saw your profile i decided to review this secret to you, Am Burger Johansen personal air pilot to the late Muammar

Gaddafi of Libya, Before a revolt pushed him from power in August 2011, He trusted me and instructed me to purchase

ammunition from his Russia business men with some fund, This fund was deposited in a secret finance house . I came to

London here in preparation of going to Russia suddenly i saw a breaking news at CNN that he was captured and killed

immediately, right now i am the only one who knows about this fund . I have served this man for 6 years , I would have been

also dead if it was not me that he sent to go for this mission, sending me out of Libya to go and purchase ammunition saved

my life.

I want to transfer the funds to your country and invest it in any business can generating annual income. I want you to

work with me and receive the funds your country, I am also very lucky that my dealings with him is top priority secret

because no one know about the funds, you are the only person am revealing this secret to, so you have to keep it between me

and you.

As a Norwegian i have access to invest this money in my country but since everybody knows i was the personal Pilot to

him, the world my raise Eye Brow should i single handedly withdral and invest this whole money because its too huge for a

single individual like me hence my contacting you.

I will tell you how much is involve as soon as i get your reply , i need your immediate reply now

Reply to me through email :

Warmest Regards.

Burger Johansen

Dear Burger Johansen,

Saddly we here are not the ones you want to have responsible for your financle issues, we can barely handle our own!

Best of luck,
Geek'n Of The Night!!!

I think it's great that you play needy music:) I am a major geek myself and love hearing all the different songs from video games and stuff, like Final Fantasy. Thanks, dude! Can you play some stuff from Kingdom Hearts sometime for me? That would be amazing!
-Just a fan from Illinois

-Just a fan from Illinois,

Hey there! How's it going in Illinois? I am glad to hear that you like us and about your proud status as a geek! Did you hear about us from Natsucon or Archon? We were at the Distant World's conert this March and scored lots of music you should enjoy. Your a Kingdom Hearts fan too? Well good news! Yes we have the sound track and would be more then happy to play it for you. I hope you enjoy, and please tell your friends about us!

IJ Dee-Vo

P.S. Sorry about the response being a wee bit late.

Well that's all! Keep sending us those emails and we will get around to them...eventually