Take a look
In a book
You'll be hooked
You'll feel the need
The need to read
We'll set the stage
For a book that's all the rage
And make you want to read every page

Hey! Isn't the .hack// series a game, music, and anime? Certainly there is no way you would find it in a readable format right? WRONG. You cant not stop .hack// from creeping into all media! .Hack// also comes in the form of manga, and much like the shows and games, they add over all to the story, showing things that the others don't thus, showing other angles of the evnts that effect The World. As a fun of the series, I had to check out the manga. They are really good, especily .hack//XXXX, then .hack//link, and then, well .hack//LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT...I guess. TWILIGHT I don't know something about it just makes it seem less compared to the other series, but it could just be me. I guess it's the style difference that does it. However the manga is yet a good facet of the series, and can be enjoyed on it own or as a"Gotta catch 'em all" approach. Buy, or just go to a store that sells manga and read it for free till they kick you out!