Hey It's Geek'n Up The Night!!!'s product review where one of us has used a product and then did a review on it!
All products were bought and used by the IJ Crew and fairly reviewed...unless they were given to us for free, or we were given heaps of money. So hey people, and by people we mean corporations, gives us cool stuff for free and pay us to give you a great review...before your competitors do.

This month's product is

Plush Halo's Master Chief Costume?

Well I gave two good reviews, and a decent review, time for a bad review just to show its not all fun and games. I bought this Plush/fabric Master Chief Outfit Last Archon, in hopes to be trying something a bit different from my previous foam and plastic one. I sure wish I hadn't. It had several issues with it. First it was in several pieces, that wasn't really an issue but the lack of an itemlized list showing what was v suspposed to be there, and how many was. I had to use photos of someone wearing it from the site to figure it out. Second was the lack of instructions on how to wear it. I used photos from the site to figure that out as well. Third, although I bought it in my size some aspects were two sizes two small in aembarresingly figureforming way. Fourth, other parts were too large, causing them to slip off, showing off the embaressingly form fitting parts. Fifth, the visor on the helmet was not see through. Sixth, and was not really an issue if not 1-5 but since they occured, it is, it cost over $300. That would have really have been nice for swag, or wowing people with a neat Halo costume. I had neither, Do not buy this product!