Well this is number 4. As a site dedicated to a station dedicated to Geek Music, what is a geek? A geek is someone who dosn't just use technology but understands it. A geek is someone who not only is intelligent but isn't afraid not to dumb down so they fit in. A geek is somone that dosn't care what other's think and lives a life that is true to self. They know intelligence is an asset, that a logo or popularity does not make a better product but actual specs. They do more then just sit around and watch tv while those that do tell the geeks they have too much time on their hands. They prefer their media with intelligence added to it with lots of nice facts and figures thrown into the mix. They are the dreamers, the dooers, the belivers, the achievers. They are the reason we arn't going around with rocks and sticks beating each other up. This is but a simple summing up of what a geek is. So stand tall, stand proud, play games that have 20 sided dice, stay out of sunlight, and for the love of science...cosplay both your hearts out!

Editor-IJ Dee-Vo