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We are Geek'n Up The Night!!!. We burned a path of Geek Music across the internet, and then, we vanished. Four years ago we faded into the shadows. We've survived. We evolved. Now that time has come for us to step back into the light. Now the web will tremble once again. The MIAA will fall. Ear drums will shatter. We are Geek'n Up The Night!!!, but we are becomming much MUCH more, for the final metamorphosis has only just begun.

Yes it's been 4 years since this place was updated, and two months since our sporatically updated Live365 station was lost to the void. What happened? An injury, an attack on our station, being encapsulated in a statsis field, internet radio taking a huge hit, and our yahoo account being creeped. That's the bad news. The good news is...Look at us! We are here again. We respawned at Listen2MyRadio. A really great place, that gave me a decent size storage area for a server to stream directly to this site. Schweet! It was a bit of a learning curve though. I pretty much got the hang of it. So please join us again, and check in here as we gradually build the place back up. As a certain blue hedgehog once said, "Too infinity and beyond!"


Added a link to our new youtube channel. Check it out! Added a link to the awesome web comic "Darths And Droids". Check them out!


Changed my station page so it shows the actual names of the music I play! Also added the links to Super Dickery and DM of The Rings. Enyoy!


Well been a while since I posted an update, and it's been long past due if you as me. Well, ask me! Thanks. New playlist for ARchon 40! Featuring Professor Shy Guy, The Great Lukeski, and King Falls AM. The player is no longer showing off the music data. Oh and a disclaimer in case geekings find this place. That is it.