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A site dedicated to all of the old OLD bots. There are almost 200 pages, each with several robots. Learn about the history of robotic evolution here Cybernetic Zoo

Imagine a univerese where George Lucus nevercreated Star wars. I know terrible right? Now imagine in that universe there is a DM, who decided to create a sci-fi campaign where two cheeder monks figh the forces of evill with their laser swords and bigger fish alongside a short, evil munchkining robot, and a tactical genius with long ears, and stalked eyes. Oh and the players are in control. You have the universe that is Darths And Droids.

Sure, Superman may be the greatest hero of all time, but it doesn't mean he can't be a jerk about it. Check out here for more on how he may just be the worst person in the world.

What if "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" were never made into movies? You would have to actually pick up a book! The horror! What if they weren't even made into a book? Now imagine they were created in some dark basement by a DM who refuses to let his epic game be railroaded by players that are under the delision that they actually get to choice their actions! Welcome to the DM of the RINGS! Rings rings ings...